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Anonymous asked: I'm actually inlove with your blog .

Thank you <3


boys with dark hair and pretty dark eyes fuck me up on a daily basis

I fell like you guys are bored with my blog….

Anonymous asked: I want to know what can I do because I have a unusually huge penis. I really enjoy a lot of sex. 90 percent of the women I have been with tell me it is to big. I wish I was just bragging but it is annoying. The ones who can handle it I am not attracted to. All women cum in a matter of minutes, my appetite is huge and when I am getting going they actually want me to stop. What can I do

I’m a virgin so I don’t really have experience but maybe you could use more forplay and vibrators it could help :)
Sorry like I said I don’t have experience

Anonymous asked: My boyfriend really wants to have sex. We've done things close to it and they all scare me to be completely honest. He keeps bringing up sex but when I say I don't think I'm ready he said ok we can stay were we are but he gets really distant and almost loses interest for a while. And if that annoys him how could I ever tell him the other stuff we do scares me too? I'm kinda stuck. I really like him but I'm getting kinda uncomfortable. Help.

I always say this but TALK TO HIM. He is your boyfriend you shoud be able  to tell him this.Just tell him how you fell. If you don’t want to have sex  that’s okay ,you don’t have to. If he doesn’t like that kiss him goodbye,he doesn’t deserve you if he loses interst in you because you don’t want to have sex. 

Anonymous asked: I have a bf and it's a long distance relationship. And we love each other we have already planned r life like having sex and stuff like that. And he has sent me videos of his d.. And we video chatted and acted like we were having sex but then I didn't feel right I'm young and I want to have sex but I don't feel like it's the right time... I get Horney and stuff but he wants 2 do that everyday and I don't.. How do I tell my bf I don't want to do that stuff anymore with out hurting his feelings..

You need to be honest with him,Tell him how you fell,he’ll understand ig he doesn’t then he’s a dickhead . Both of you should enjoy sex not just him.MAKE SURE HE KNOWS THAT!!!

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Anonymous asked: I have feelings for a guy. But since he is now in a relationship I have backed off and stuck to just being friends but he flirts with me more than his girlfriend. He told me if he wasn't dating her then he'd fall in love with me. And tonight he sent her a message that was supposed to go to me saying "you know you come before my girlfriend" and now she's asking me questions about how close me and him are. Idk whether to reply to her or just ignore them both.

Talk to him.If he’s really in to you and loves you more than her then he’ll be with you. It’s not fair to anybody if he continues to be with her

Anonymous asked: Hi I have a Friend I've known him since kindergarten and we almost act like were flirting.. But that was in school and now schools over and I don't c him cuz he lives farther away then me and my friend lives by him and every time I go over to her house she always wants to bike by his house have him c me like today and if I do c him wat do I do?? I want to hang out with him but wat would we do. I'm scared 2 go up 2 him and talk and I like him and he kinda likes me I need help! Any tips? Thxs!

WOW you got it bad. Ask your friend ti help you out .She can invite him over.This way you”ll be able to talk to him and get closer to him. You said that he kinda likes you so it’s going to be easy to ask him out

Anonymous asked: I'm nervous about having sex with my boyfriend, and idk how to relax like I know he has condoms and everything but I start thinking about accidentally getting pregnant and stuff! I just think of the worst scenario possible 😐 Help me!

First of all,honey I don’t think you’re ready. 
Second talk to your boyfriend,he’ll understand and when you’re ready get on the pill just to be safe .
I hope this will help